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Nobody Cares About Natalee Holloway

She's dead. Get over it. Natalee Holloway is dead and she's not coming back.

UPDATE: She's still dead.

NEW UPDATE: She's still dead.

STARTLING NEW REVELATION: She's alive! Ha ha, just kidding, she's dead.

You're not going to find her. Interviewing her parents won't help you find her. Sending in fighter jets from Holland won't help. Special FBI agents, so called Telepathic people, and volunteers from Texas won't help find her. All of this media coverage is just distracting from more important things.

I mean, during the time the major news networks focused on Natalee, not one, but TWO countries have legalized same sex marriage. The President has publicly supported Intelligent Design (more on that later) and Bill Frist has actually been seen in support of stem cell research.

I mean, honestly, this is just a bread and circus game. Get back to the real news already.


  1. We should get over her. But people do care about her. They still care. They shouldn't though. I agree.

  2. Anonymous2:43 PM

    I really don't care. Haven't really cared since May 31. Have learned to hate the Twitty's though. Not too impressed with the average IQ of your typical Alabaman and will never ever travel to Alabama. Have learned to hate Nancy Grace.

    Can 'the world' have prime time back now Beth??

  3. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Her parents care. They just assumed the whole world cared as deeply, when in fact we don't.
    At least I think her parents care. I might be wrong. They sure don't seem to care about their 16 year old son, so maybe they only care about seeing themselves on TV 18 times a day or about how they'll spend all Natalee's trust money.


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