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Let's Make Abortion Simple

So many arguments are swirling around this controversial topic that I feel it's time to simplify things. So, here comes the Alex Zhao's why abortion should be legal up until the third trimester (with exceptions for the mother's health) in 300 words or less.

1. It's the woman's body and therefore choice, because up until the third trimester the fetus is not human life. It cannot survive on its own outside of the body. Thus, it's nothing more than an arm or limb of a woman. Now, if you assume all women are going to be aborted, think about chopping your arm off.

2. Banning it "in the interest of human life" contradicts the Republican platform because Republicans favor killing people too (See Guns and Death Penalty). Even more so, that would make as much sense as outlawing suicide or banning vasectomies.

3. Arguments like "it's the woman's own damn fault" are sexist. Furthermore, banning abortion assumes you know better about the woman'…

Software Preview: Google Talk (Beta)

Let me begin by saying that Google is indeed trying to take over the world.

As of now, they have:

-A search engine for everything
-A usenet client
-A free email service
-A customized homepage
and now
-An instant messenger client

To clarify a few things, this isn't actually a new proprietary format. Rather, it's just a google client to connect to a Jabber IM server. Of course, that doesn't matter, because Google makes it work better anyway.

Only people with Gmail accounts can use the client at this time, and since it's so new buddy lists will be small. You can invite your gmail friends onto it, and chat with those already on your list.

The features are pretty simple. You can email contacts, and IM them. You can minimize IM windows easily, and if it is minimized, a popup will show up when new messages appear.

The greatest feature, however, is voice chat. It's seemless, lagless, and perfect. Once again simplicity makes things perfect. It works seemlessly with a microphone, and I…

Videogames Don't Kill People: Parents Do

The world's problems with videogame violence would be solved a lot quicker if parents actually payed attention to what their kids were doing and also did some research.

To begin: video games are not responsible for teenage violence. Not now, not ever. Even more so, it has been through the ignorance of actual video gamers that has led to this. Most parent's conceptions of gaming are so old that it drives them into bad stereotypes, allowing 12 year old kids to buy games geared and marketed towards adults.

Let's start with something: even with video games and the supposed tools of killing from the US military, juvenile crime has been on the decline, at one of its lowest levels in 30 years, as of right now. What does this say? Well, for starters, video games surfaced in the 1960's, about 40 years ago. If the crime rates have been dropping for 30 years, then it's obvious that video games aren't causing more crimes. This is just fear mongering on the part of senators c…

There's Nothing Wrong With Illegal Immigration

In an age when the American workforce is slowly becoming older and older, and when those on Social Security will soon outnumber the workers who support them, the economy needs more workers now more than ever.

There exist, however, two problems standing in the way: outsourcing and constricting regulations against immigration. The first, a problem because if companies can find cheaper labor by moving elsewhere, they will, and in the end they will destroy the blue collar labor movement in America. The second, a problem because with a slowing birth rate, there are less and less American workers to replace those who retire or die.

To address the first issue: outsourcing. This is destroying our American labor force, simply put, because the jobs are going overseas. This creates the problem: American jobs are not being retained at all. Under a system where we encourage immigration, even it is considered illegal, we'd be able to retain those jobs at least in America while simutaneously lower…

Nobody Cares About Natalee Holloway

She's dead. Get over it. Natalee Holloway is dead and she's not coming back.

UPDATE: She's still dead.

NEW UPDATE: She's still dead.

STARTLING NEW REVELATION: She's alive! Ha ha, just kidding, she's dead.

You're not going to find her. Interviewing her parents won't help you find her. Sending in fighter jets from Holland won't help. Special FBI agents, so called Telepathic people, and volunteers from Texas won't help find her. All of this media coverage is just distracting from more important things.

I mean, during the time the major news networks focused on Natalee, not one, but TWO countries have legalized same sex marriage. The President has publicly supported Intelligent Design (more on that later) and Bill Frist has actually been seen in support of stem cell research.

I mean, honestly, this is just a bread and circus game. Get back to the real news already.

Randolph Girl, 16, Slain

A girl in Randolph Township, NJ was slain today.

Jennifer Parks, 16, was slain by Jonathan Zarate on Friday night. Mr. Zarate used his younger brother and another 16 year old to help him remove the body.

All were caught and Mr. Zarate stands on trial, but the loss of innocence to my hometown will never be repaired.

This wasn't some terrorist act. This wasn't people trying to exploit us. This wasn't video games. This was just random violence that doesn't belong anywhere.

To Randolph, and to all of us: I'm truly sorry. We can only hope to learn from all this.