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What the Democrats Really Need

In the course of less than 5 years, the Democrats are breaking apart. The Republicans control both the legislative and executive branches of the country. The states of the US are all turning Republican. With the recent opening in the Supreme Court, the Republicans are looking to finally have complete control over all 3 branches of the United States government.

Yes, I know it's a bad thing.

There exists a fundamental problem with the Democrats today: they lack a vision for America. Ever notice throughout the last election that Republicans always had clear and stalwart answers for everything? Ever notice that despite however wrong the answer seemed, it still was convincing?

This is what the Democrats fundamentally lack. They lack a vision for the future of America.

People enjoy these kinds of things. People like it when a group offers a vision for their country. That's how the Democrats of the 1940's through the 1960's did so well. They offered a future for America. But as the century petered out, the Democrats slowly lost their vision. Their goals became more vague and undecisive.

I blame Libertarianism.

For you see, authors such as John Rawls and Robert Nozick offered this following view: Liberalism (or libertarianism) doesn't have to have a viewpoint on everything. It merely has to provide the means by which to arrive at such a viewpoint.

Slowly, the liberalists in the Democratic party withdrew their views to avoid voter ire, and slowly, voters lost confidence.

Now the Democrats have to offer a new vision, else, they may fade away into the history books.