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Congress: It's Not For You

Take a close, hard look at the reality of today's United States' federal government. I mean it, take a real, close hard look. You'll see quite a few things, but a legislative branch that's out for your needs isn't one of them. Congress could care less what you think, but they have to at the very least pretend like they do.

So here comes in the fundamental problem: you, the voters, are the ones who decide which members of Congress get elected. By voting, you pick who gets to go to Congress, and thus it must put on a circus act so it can pretend to be out for your rights.

I mean, look at it. Trivial issues like steroid use and video game violence obscure more important decisions that the House and Senate make. The recently passed Energy bill was just merely glossed over. Just look at it. It gives a whopping $5.5 billion out to oil, gas and coal companies in subsidies. Hmm, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney own oil and energy companies...nah...

So the bill, in essence, doesn't solve anything. Mind you, it is a step in the direction of progress, but it's such a miniscule step that won't effect you in the near future. Somewhere down the road, it will reduce power outages, and it might even reduce the amount of oil we import.

But by that time, maybe there won't be any oil left to import anyway.


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