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Congress: It's Not For You

Take a close, hard look at the reality of today's United States' federal government. I mean it, take a real, close hard look. You'll see quite a few things, but a legislative branch that's out for your needs isn't one of them. Congress could care less what you think, but they have to at the very least pretend like they do.

So here comes in the fundamental problem: you, the voters, are the ones who decide which members of Congress get elected. By voting, you pick who gets to go to Congress, and thus it must put on a circus act so it can pretend to be out for your rights.

I mean, look at it. Trivial issues like steroid use and video game violence obscure more important decisions that the House and Senate make. The recently passed Energy bill was just merely glossed over. Just look at it. It gives a whopping $5.5 billion out to oil, gas and coal companies in subsidies. Hmm, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney own oil and energy companies...nah...

So the bill, in essence, does…

Read Philosophy

Today's decisions are based too much on 24 hour news networks. While channels such as CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC allow an instant access to almost all the information you can handle, it needs things to fill the time. And so they invented the political show.

Now, don't get me wrong, political shows serve a good purpose. Without them, there'd be even less insight into our current government, and people like Karl Rove wouldn't have eyes watching them. But they aren't always useful for actually understanding what the goal of the political actions are.

I mean, look at Crossfire. It was just a bunch of people yelling at each other. Look at Hardball, there's even less intelligent talk on that. Most of it is left into partisan bickering about nothing important, all it deals with is a random assortment of clashing facts. Nothing ever gets accomplished on those shows.

Even worse, they take away from questions about the actual government. Foremost among these is: What is its a…


What just happened here?

I was away for 2 weeks, and this occurred? How did this happen?

Who in their right minds would thing that the Patriot Pact should be repassed? Who would even consider it as an option?

Why hasn't this gained any news attention? Oh right, with all the coverage given to the new Harry Potter book and all of the time focused on the new Supreme Court Nominee, nobody bothered? It was the perfect time for those wily and tricky House Representatives managed to do it. Now the greatest barrier to the Act's renewal has been passed. The Senate's committee's are both tied up with Roberts and already have approved not one, but TWO versions of the Act. And President Bush won't object to anything with the word "Patriot" in it.

Act now. Spread the news. Incite people, get them to yell at their senators. Get them to do something. We need a call to change, and we need it now.

What the Democrats Really Need

In the course of less than 5 years, the Democrats are breaking apart. The Republicans control both the legislative and executive branches of the country. The states of the US are all turning Republican. With the recent opening in the Supreme Court, the Republicans are looking to finally have complete control over all 3 branches of the United States government.

Yes, I know it's a bad thing.

There exists a fundamental problem with the Democrats today: they lack a vision for America. Ever notice throughout the last election that Republicans always had clear and stalwart answers for everything? Ever notice that despite however wrong the answer seemed, it still was convincing?

This is what the Democrats fundamentally lack. They lack a vision for the future of America.

People enjoy these kinds of things. People like it when a group offers a vision for their country. That's how the Democrats of the 1940's through the 1960's did so well. They offered a future for America. But as t…

Sandra Day O' Connor Retires From The Supreme Court: Implications

Oh, boy. Here we go. News sources have just announced that Sandra Day O' Connor, a judge on the Supreme Court, has retired. If you have been paying attention to the current political climate, you'd know how dangerous this is. If you haven't, here's a brief overview.

It's no secret that the Democrat and Republicans are divided throughout the federal levels of government. The House and the Senate are almost split evenly along party lines. Every action is scrutinized. A single appointment by George W. Bush has taken a long time, especially highlighted with the John Bolton case, Bush's pick for UN Ambassador. He has yet to clear the Senate, first because of Democratic filibustering, and now because the Republicans, thanks to the filibustering, can't rally enough votes.

The Supreme Court has been another highlight of this struggle. With many of the justices over 70 and Chief Justice William Rehnquist becoming increasingly frail, the chance that Bush would need to …