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The Right Protests, Left Speaks Back

Ever seen a living member of the Right not fight? Well, if you haven't, either you've been living under a rock, or you don't know your America., a website dedicated to the political right, has very few goals. But these goals are very important to the site's members, among them: support for the conservative right, support for the war in Iraq, against government regulations, the UN, France, and Muslims.

Anyone see a problem with this message?

Of course, they should be allowed to have their own message, but only up to the point where they violate the laws of libel, and I think they've reached that with their website's posters.

Their site claims to combat the "left's" views on the world, because those views are narrow minded and don't reflect the entirety of the world.

However, just by looking at their posters, they are no different. They are much worse than the people they claim to be attacking. I guess it just comes to show that those who decide to attack their worst enemies become ever worse than those that they attacked.

These guys play off the stereotypes that they see in their limited media and use it as a weapon. They claim that all socialists are evil (without realizing that socialists only want benefits for people), and also state that 100 million people have died because of Communism, and yet fails to mention that over 75 million have been killed in wars since World War I because of involvement by the United States.

Of course, onto a more personal note: Forget the myth that the right is for minorities.

Just today, I talked with this girl who was a staunch conservative. She would have made their leaders proud, constantly talking about how "those f**king dirty liberals supported other countries besides the U.S." Ok, so I asked her, when had this happened?

Her response? "The f**king liberals supported f**king Mexico when they filed f**king lawsuits against Arizona!"

So she was mad about illegal immigrants. If you've read one of my previous columns (Look for America Needs Immigrants), you'd realize that because the US economy's working population is getting older, we need replacement workers, and the only place that we are currently gaining younger workers is from Mexico. This alone justifies allowing them across.

When I explained this to her, she cut me off, got even more mad, and said something along the lines of "those f**king dirty mexicans don't help the economy. They just take dirty, smelly jobs."

Somebody's a psycho, and I was keeping a rational voice.

She went on to a rant about how it decreased "national pride", how the mexicans were weakening our economy. I pointed out how these weren't true, but she didn't even listen. She even went on to state that America was the greatest country in the world and that it was filled with those who said bad things about it.

Remember: the very reason America was founded was because people said bad things about the British, so her view would be against the founding of the British empire. So remember: she'd be FOR Britain and against America. Americans never got anywhere by not questioning leadership, be it good or especially bad.

She also said that nobody was willing to fight for it anymore.

My response? Tell that to the 150,000 US troops in Iraq.