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Look At A Beta: Gunz Online

Frankly, I think I'm addicted again. Not since the days that I played Shattered Galaxy against my will have I found myself spending so much time with a single computer game. Gunz Online has reminded why people play.

The beta was released on June 20th. Over the past few days, I've given it extensive testing, and found many many great features, along with a few flaws. However, at this early stage, some flaws are expected, and even so, most of them appear to result from it's immense popularity.

Let's begin with the good. The game is fun and addictive. It has a combat system similiar to Oni's, that is to say, third-person shooter. This is actually a great advantage for people, since you have at least some view of your surrounding objects. This angle is needed especially since you can pull off several cool tricks.

The goal of Gunz Online is to play like an action movie. Double tapping in a direciton arrow will either make you dash really fast or perform a sideward roll. Thus, just by playing, you can look really cool. Some elements remind me of Prince of Persia, including wall-running, fighting via close combat, and stabbing your knife/sword into the wall to hang on.

Actions are pulled off smoothly, and there are many tricks that you can find. Swords and close range weapons are viable due to the ability to dodge out of the way of bullets. Reloading does not take long at all, and experience is easy to gain in the solo deathmatch rounds.

But there are problems. Sometimes the camera shifts right into a wall, making it impossible to see or aim. Even bigger is server failure. During the first few days of testing, I had the server actually fail, and keep me stuck in the game. Lag persists as well at times, making it difficult to aim. Combat is sometimes clunky when you are forced to turn around, and there are times when everybody's firing, but nothing's being hit.

Overall, at this stage, Gunz Online is well worth any problems it might have. The game is addictive, fun, and fast, with great opportunities for teamwork and awesome moves. Download it today.

(This was a beta, and as such, got no review rating.)


  1. Anonymous12:59 AM

    gunz online rulz...right on brother...konnichiwa...anyong...w/e


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