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I Hate Internet Explorer

*Note, all HTML tags have " " quotes added inside to allow them to be seen.

I hate people and things. Everybody does. You try and you try to find qualities worth redeeming, but sometimes you just can't. Internet Explorer has no redeeming qualities in it whatsoever.

Now, I am not a professional web designer. Half the time I forget the correct syntax for HTML. But when Internet Explorer can't even accept a simple <"br"> tag for breaks, you have a problem.

Simply creating lists with pauses in between is hard now. IE doesn't recognize a <"br"> tag after a <"/li"> tag. Instead, it requires that there be two <"br">'s, like so:

(Mozilla/Most other Browsers)
<"li">This stuff Blah blah blah<"/li"><"br">

(Internet Explorer)
<"li"><"br">This stuff Blah blah balh<"br"><"/li">

Doesn't seem like much? This is just one example of many. IE doesn't fully support CSS2. It can't handle object placement correctly. I keep having problems with it no matter what I do.

Not only that, but IE encourages the bane of web surfers, ActiveX. This piece of software is allowed to completely manipulate your computer. While this allows for greater functions, it also means your computer's easily compromised.

It's time for Microsoft to stop focusing on new features and instead on security. It's time to drop backwards compatibility with arhcaic software and promote new, safer standards. Someday, maybe years from now, we'll get a real browser from Microsoft. Until then, I'll stick with Firefox.