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The Environment: It's Failing

Look around you. Find the nearest window and look outside. What do you see?

Do you see green trees, grass, and sunlight? Open up the window. Does the air smell fresh to you?

If it does, you're lucky. You live in the suburbs, near nature, or in a park with windows. For the people living in the cities, however, that's rarely possible.

It's a fact: the environment is slowly degrading away, leaving the earth as nothing but a barren wasteland with a few protected areas. Everywhere is affect by it. Smog blocks out the view of the Grand Canyon at times. It's no longer safe to go into any forest and drink some of the water. Even the air you breath at places is tainted.

What do people do about it? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The truth is, no one cares about the environment. It stands in the way of the economy and personal gain. Just look at the actions of our administration. They opened up drilling in the Arctic, allowing the destruction of wildlife. They've loosened up controls on coal plants, allowing more black smoke to cloud our skies. They've decided to reduce environmentally protected space, leading to the loss of even mroe species of animals.

Biodiversity allows survival. If we destroy biodiversity, what happens if the predominant species dies out?

What if we had one species of fish that we were dependent on for food? What if that died out? According to nature, another species should come up to replace it. But if we destroy the biodiversity, then chances are nothing will replace it.

We'd have hundreds of situations similar to the Irish potato famine, and there'd be nothing to do about it.

We're part of the environment, and if it fails, we're screwed.