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Cisco Has Issues

I don't know about you, but I have never seen such a wireless card that's so hard to set up. It's not the card itself, that's an easy plug it in. It's not the driver itself, that's fine. It's how I have to get the driver that irritates me and makes me wonder if Cisco truly knows what it is doing.

So let's begin. I put the card into my laptop, and it doesn't have a driver for it. Fair enough, after all, the card's relatively new compared to the laptop. So I go to the Cisco website to try and find a driver. Here's where the fun kicks in.

On the laptop, I have Opera installed, mostly because I don't like IE, and mostly because it's the fastest browser I know of that doesn't use the IE rendering engine (thus saving me from some spyware etc, yet not sacrificing speed.) By default, Opera tells web servers that it is in fact Internet Explorer, but I changed this to tell that it was what it was. Visiting the Cisco website was no problem. Finding the right driver was. It turns out that in Opera, there seems to be an option missing on one of the pages. Instead of allowing me a list of all of the possible driver versions, it only allows me to install legacy software from 2003. Apparently you can only download this software IF you go the list. First, I decided to try the legacy software, just in case. Problems pop up. said that my browser didn't have cookies enabled, to which I was just shocked into disbelief. Had my settings changed magically? I check, nope, I'm still allowing cookies. What was wrong then? Was it because the Opera wasn't welcome? I set Opera to recognize itself as Internet Explorer, but I had the same problem. I try setting it to recognize as Mozilla, to no avail. Finally, I actually start up Internet Explorer to try and resolve this.

I go to again, and this time I see the list. Scanning through it, I find the newest version of the driver I'm looking for. Ah, I thought, It just might work this time. Oh how I wish I had been right. I go through the whole process again, about to enter the download page, when...Cisco said that cookies weren't enabled. This time I went into a rage. I checked the settings, and I was right: nothing had changed. Cookies were still enabled, but wouldn't recognize that. I tried several more times until I gave up.

New plan: Download it from my computer and then transfer the installer onto the laptop. This time I try with Firefox, and nothing goes wrong. At all. I'm beginning to wonder if it was just Windows 98, or if Cisco is taunting me. I reach the download page this time, and actually hit the download button.

Minutes passed, and then disaster struck. Firefox's download manager has problems with certain files, but none like this. Not only did the download stop, but it actually erased itself. I guess it was Internet Explorer time again.

So finally, here I am, downloading the necessary driver. A day's anguish has been used up, and now I'm hoping that this installs smoothly. God, why can't it just work?


  1. eww opera. download deer park alpha 2 latest version of firefox. cisco or linksys routers also have a crucial flaw that could according to a guy at Defcon bring the internet to its knees.


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