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Censorship Part II: What It Can Do

Everybody knows that too much of a good thing is always a bad thing, no matter how good it may seem at first. Sadly, this is true even of free speech.

Don't get me wrong, free speech and dissent are fundamental tenets of America. Without them, there'd be no point to a democratic system. But of course, as with any system, there's going to be people who decide to abuse it to harm others.

I'm not talking about hate groups. Hate groups can be easily blocked out. None will ever have the gall to actually carry out any of their actions besides maybe a rally or two. Hate groups, we can live with. They're going to exist no matter what censorship you do.

I'm talking about purposeful slander and libel, designed only to harm people in order to better yourself.

It's easy to see examples. The Swift Boat's Veteran's group was one example of slander, since their political agenda was to harm John Kerry. Likewise, people like Micheal Moore used the media to slanderize George Bush. It's obvious that people will use their rights to ruin it for everyone else.

But that doesn't mean a complete limitation of rights.

I support our current slander and libel laws. I support making sure that people aren't deliberately harmed through the media in a way that would ruin their entire lives. But that's it.

That's the only limit you need a free speech, and everything else, you can allow.