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Cisco Has Issues

I don't know about you, but I have never seen such a wireless card that's so hard to set up. It's not the card itself, that's an easy plug it in. It's not the driver itself, that's fine. It's how I have to get the driver that irritates me and makes me wonder if Cisco truly knows what it is doing.

So let's begin. I put the card into my laptop, and it doesn't have a driver for it. Fair enough, after all, the card's relatively new compared to the laptop. So I go to the Cisco website to try and find a driver. Here's where the fun kicks in.

On the laptop, I have Opera installed, mostly because I don't like IE, and mostly because it's the fastest browser I know of that doesn't use the IE rendering engine (thus saving me from some spyware etc, yet not sacrificing speed.) By default, Opera tells web servers that it is in fact Internet Explorer, but I changed this to tell that it was what it was. Visiting the Cisco website was no problem. F…

Ayn Rand and Objectivism

While I believe in more of a realistic Scandanavian socialist state (one where government services are used to benefit the population), Ayn Rand would disagree with me. The champion of Obejectivism, Ayn Rand values one over gropus, personal benefit over societal welfare, and profit over human well being. Some would describe her as libertarian. I would describe her as a raving lunatic.

Although she champions free will over mob mentality, she does so in a way that anything that society says is inherently manevloent. Free health care? Bad. Feeding the hungry? Bad. Public education to all? Very, very bad. The problem is, government is built to serve the people, and no social services means that government's not doing its job.

Sure, you could reduce welfare, but the state's function is to be a backup in case people fall. Some would say all people should stand merely on their own, but what about that small town shop owner who loses everything because his competitor sold food that used…

North Korea: Game of Chance

Stalinists regimes with dictators that are self centered don't fare well in terms of overall stability. The longer such a regime is in place, the more likely it is to fall. The chance of it's fall being peaceful decreases with the size and loyalty of the military forces controlled by the dictator.

The problem with North Korea is that it's army is the 4th largest (and possibly 4th strongest) in the world, and because Kim Jong Il values the military and sciences more than almost every other aspect of government, he commands the loyalty of his troops, as much of the government funding goes to them. This presents a problem. With a stable army behind him and a populace too afraid and weak to fight back, along with a growing nuclear program, North Korea has long since become the threat that everybody must face.

The United States is forced to seriously consider military action against the North Koreans. Even though they have a budding nuclear program, appeasement won't work. In…

I Hate Internet Explorer

*Note, all HTML tags have " " quotes added inside to allow them to be seen.

I hate people and things. Everybody does. You try and you try to find qualities worth redeeming, but sometimes you just can't. Internet Explorer has no redeeming qualities in it whatsoever.

Now, I am not a professional web designer. Half the time I forget the correct syntax for HTML. But when Internet Explorer can't even accept a simple <"br"> tag for breaks, you have a problem.

Simply creating lists with pauses in between is hard now. IE doesn't recognize a <"br"> tag after a <"/li"> tag. Instead, it requires that there be two <"br">'s, like so:

(Mozilla/Most other Browsers)
<"li">This stuff Blah blah blah<"/li"><"br">

(Internet Explorer)
<"li"><"br">This stuff Blah blah balh<"br"><"/li">

Doesn't seem like much? Th…

Look At A Beta: Gunz Online

Frankly, I think I'm addicted again. Not since the days that I played Shattered Galaxy against my will have I found myself spending so much time with a single computer game. Gunz Online has reminded why people play.

The beta was released on June 20th. Over the past few days, I've given it extensive testing, and found many many great features, along with a few flaws. However, at this early stage, some flaws are expected, and even so, most of them appear to result from it's immense popularity.

Let's begin with the good. The game is fun and addictive. It has a combat system similiar to Oni's, that is to say, third-person shooter. This is actually a great advantage for people, since you have at least some view of your surrounding objects. This angle is needed especially since you can pull off several cool tricks.

The goal of Gunz Online is to play like an action movie. Double tapping in a direciton arrow will either make you dash really fast or perform a sideward roll. Th…

In Post Cold War US, Dictatorships > Democracies

Containment. That one word was the entire US foreign policy around the globe. Back when communism was still a threat and the number of superpowers was even, containment was all the justification Americans needed to act anywhere around the globe. This oftentimes resulted in bad situations, such as the ones in South America, most notably Chile, where US support backed cruel dictators just so that the communist guerilla fighters wouldn't win. We even backed Saddam Hussein and his enemies in Iran, both at the same time.

That wasn't a very good policy.

Although it was an admirable effort, the effects of containment leave us today in very bad shape. It turns out that since we won, those dictators and other notorious people who at the time seemed better than communism are still in power. The United States in now in a position where the majority of the people living under those countries hate us.

Even if we hadn't backed these governments, we would have won the Cold War anyway. Simpl…

Censorship Part II: What It Can Do

Everybody knows that too much of a good thing is always a bad thing, no matter how good it may seem at first. Sadly, this is true even of free speech.

Don't get me wrong, free speech and dissent are fundamental tenets of America. Without them, there'd be no point to a democratic system. But of course, as with any system, there's going to be people who decide to abuse it to harm others.

I'm not talking about hate groups. Hate groups can be easily blocked out. None will ever have the gall to actually carry out any of their actions besides maybe a rally or two. Hate groups, we can live with. They're going to exist no matter what censorship you do.

I'm talking about purposeful slander and libel, designed only to harm people in order to better yourself.

It's easy to see examples. The Swift Boat's Veteran's group was one example of slander, since their political agenda was to harm John Kerry. Likewise, people like Micheal Moore used the media to slanderize Ge…

The Right Protests, Left Speaks Back

Ever seen a living member of the Right not fight? Well, if you haven't, either you've been living under a rock, or you don't know your America., a website dedicated to the political right, has very few goals. But these goals are very important to the site's members, among them: support for the conservative right, support for the war in Iraq, against government regulations, the UN, France, and Muslims.

Anyone see a problem with this message?

Of course, they should be allowed to have their own message, but only up to the point where they violate the laws of libel, and I think they've reached that with their website's posters.

Their site claims to combat the "left's" views on the world, because those views are narrow minded and don't reflect the entirety of the world.

However, just by looking at their posters, they are no different. They are much worse than the people they claim to be attacking. I guess it just comes to show t…

The Environment: It's Failing

Look around you. Find the nearest window and look outside. What do you see?

Do you see green trees, grass, and sunlight? Open up the window. Does the air smell fresh to you?

If it does, you're lucky. You live in the suburbs, near nature, or in a park with windows. For the people living in the cities, however, that's rarely possible.

It's a fact: the environment is slowly degrading away, leaving the earth as nothing but a barren wasteland with a few protected areas. Everywhere is affect by it. Smog blocks out the view of the Grand Canyon at times. It's no longer safe to go into any forest and drink some of the water. Even the air you breath at places is tainted.

What do people do about it? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The truth is, no one cares about the environment. It stands in the way of the economy and personal gain. Just look at the actions of our administration. They opened up drilling in the Arctic, allowing the destruction of wildlife. They've loosened up contro…