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America Is Dead: Real ID Passed

It's not enough that the America Public has been cheated out time and time again by Congress and it's obsession for money. After all, Americans who elect their representatives and senators must pay 80% of all taxes, while the corporations who give them money for their "campaigns" only have to pay 20%.

But the line stops here.

The Real ID bill, recently passed by being attached to the back of an Iraq War Supplement bill (read: It was pork) has started the process of complete and utter civil rights removal. From this point on America's core values are now dead.

Great job, you conservatives, for destroying America.

Why was this bill passed with a 100-0 vote? Because they attached it to a completely unrelated war bill that was necessary AND would make the senators look bad if they didn't vote for it. Strategic maneuvering by conservative lawmakers has finally done what they've always wanted to do: Track each and every single person within the United States whereever they are at any given time.

Big Brother is Watching You.

The bill is supposed to stop illegal immigrants AND terrorists, but accomplishes neither. Why would terrorists try to register with authorities in the first place? Would they want to get caught? Just because you pass such a bill doesn't mean that they are going to comply, register, and then suddenly get caught. It especially doesn't stop Timothy McVeigh type terrorists, those who suddenly go mad and decide to bomb buildings. So what does it do? Screw over every single person living in the United States.

Before you are allowed to travel, open bank accounts, apply for work, or anything important, you will have to show this ID card. Not only that, but the bill allows a provision that grants Congress the ability to overrule the Supreme Court at anytime.

For the sake of dignity, it might be too late to stop them. But do whatever you can. Nobody in America can live with this bill. We would have created the new Soviet Union.

Message to Congress: Stop it. Now.