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How Effective IS Censorship?

In a day and age where an electronics network can connect the entire world together, how effective is the ability to stop information through censorship? When anyone anywhere can put their ideas in a place where everyone can see them, how much power does a government's powers of censorship really hold?

With the internet now having been around for some time now, and with most people able to access it, does the government really have that much power to stop their own citizens from seeing what they want? China seems to think that it will work. But even if they manage to come up with a successful measure to make the chinese see only what they want, they can't keep this up forever. The sheer size and scope of the internet makes it impossible for anyone one organization to stop anyone else from viewing anything.

Try as you might, there is always a way around the filters and firewalls. Try as hard as you want, but there will always be a way to get information to those who seek it.