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The American Economy Needs Immigrants

Would you be willing to work at a job for long hours and minimum wage? Not many people would. Short of complete necessity, almost all people would look for other jobs first, or for more promising opportunities. They are essential to our economy in more ways than one, and they continue a grand tradition that has started since America first opened its doors.

The most obvious benefit to America is that immigrants help companies. People who come from Mexico and are new the country are willing to work for much lower wages at jobs that other people wouldn't dream of doing. This may not seem good to you, but these immigrants take up tasks such as crop gathering, janitorial services, and other clerical jobs. They often work for cheaper wages, allowing the companies to cut down on costs and thereby increase profits and lower prices.

Not only that, but the new immigrants also bring more money into the local economies. In order to live within a town, they would need to purchase housing, clothi…

How Effective IS Censorship?

In a day and age where an electronics network can connect the entire world together, how effective is the ability to stop information through censorship? When anyone anywhere can put their ideas in a place where everyone can see them, how much power does a government's powers of censorship really hold?

With the internet now having been around for some time now, and with most people able to access it, does the government really have that much power to stop their own citizens from seeing what they want? China seems to think that it will work. But even if they manage to come up with a successful measure to make the chinese see only what they want, they can't keep this up forever. The sheer size and scope of the internet makes it impossible for anyone one organization to stop anyone else from viewing anything.

Try as you might, there is always a way around the filters and firewalls. Try as hard as you want, but there will always be a way to get information to those who seek it.

Parents: Take Your Own Damn Responsibility

Throughout history parents have always been given control over most of their children's activities. So why is it when it comes to violent and mature video games that parents want the video game industry to stop their children from buying the games for them?

Does it make any sense that the parents who give their children permission and oftentimes provide them with the money for the violent games to blame someone else? Would you blame McDonald's if you ate there daily and got fat? So why would you blame an entire industry based on your actions?

Many people cite an example with the tobacco industry. Yet in this case the parents have told their children not to buy cigarettes. The kids are simply disregarding what their parents are saying, not asking nicely and getting them. It makes no sense for parents, who blatantly say "OK" to violent video games to then turn around and snap at the industry as a whole? It's not as if there are no warnings. The front of the video gam…