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Game Review: Advance Wars

So I'm a little late, eh? And so what if the game's 3 years old? You don't come here for the latest reviews, now do you? Nevertheless, despite there having been a sequel, the original advance wars still holds up to the tests of time, and proves to be a good play as well.

The story is, well, convoluted and confusing. Apparently, you're an advisor to a country on the planet of "War World" to the nation of Orange Star. At first, you're led to believe you're simply fighting an invading Blue Moon army. But then the plot gets complicated with the introduction of an attacking Green Earth force. In the end, the culprit's revealed to be Sturm from "Black Hole", and you beat him for the finale.

Story aside, the gameplay is still very fun. The unique turn based system and resource gathering (capture buildings and factories, no actual construction) make the games interesting. The AI could be a lot smarter. In tests, I've actually just run 4 AI opponents against each other, and they've never finished a game. This is probably the worst AI I've seen since Axis and Allies, but in the campaign mode, the AI can become deadly. My only other gripe is that there is NO WAY to skip the tutorial, even if you've played before. The tutorial also takes a long time.

Graphics wise, this isn't really that impressive. The actions and animations are optional, but after 10 battles with the battle scenes, I turned them off. They're boring after a while.

Overall, the game isn't the best at everything, but the package that it delivers is right for it's price. Speaking of which, this game should be pretty cheap now that it's been out for so long.

Rating: 7.5/10