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Game Review: Advance Wars 2

Yes, I did manage to play the sequel to Advance Wars, and granted, it's a different game. Not entirely different, but so changed that anyone who's played the second really can't go back to the first.

To begin with, there are new graphics for units and buildings. Add to that a new plot, the ability to choose an assortment of new missions, secret and optional missions, and the ability to play as all 3 CO's of each nation, the initial impression is extremely good.

They've reworked the combat formulas, so now it seems much better than before. New CO's and the new CO powers make the game even more fun than before. Some issues persist, but overall it is much better than the original.

The story is still paper thin, but what do you expect from this sort of game? The music is catchy- for all of 15 minutes. Then you might want to turn it off. The tutorial still drags a bit, but thankfully they've made it much shorter.

Improvement is good, and with Advance Wars DS coming out on the Nintendo DS, I hope that it proves to outshine it's GBA olders.

Rating: 8.5/10