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Movie Review: The Incredibles

I went to see this movie over the weekend because there was nothing to do. I'm glad I did. It might be sad to say, but this was probably the best action movie I've seen in a LONG time.

The plot is pretty basic. 2 superheroes get married at the end of the age of the "Supers". By this time, one person actually sued a superhero for saving his life, and now all superheroes will never rescue people again.

The plot starts flowing with Mr. Incredible being offered a job by an unknown employer. I won't spoil the plot, since it's all you get for most of the movie, but it is a bit odd and weak.

The graphics: Woah. If it weren't for the characters, this would be the single most realistic CGI movie I've seen. Needless to say, the graphics are great.

The action is even better. This was going at such a fast pace and at such great speed that my jaw dropped, several times in the movie.

All in all, go see it. It's a great movie destined to b…

Bush, Kerry Sprint Toward Finish Line

This is the end.

The very last day before November 2nd, Election Day 2004.

Both candidates are going into a mad rush to try and visit as many states as humanly possible, working until the early hours of Tuesday.

For them, this is the biggest event of their lives.

Choose your candidate. Vote on November 2nd. TOMORROW.