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Presidential Debate Roundup

No link for today. Instead, I'm going to talk about last night's debate.

That was one hell of an attack by Bush.

Honestly? He can't name one mistake since he came into office? Even without Iraq and the economy, how about the US Spy plane that crashed over China and that "very sorry" excuse given by his administration? Did everyone forget about that? Is that completely forgotten?

He says that Kerry can't get enough money from the rich, so he'll have to tax the poor. Ever wonder why they are rich? Because they've been using legal loopholes to reduce their taxes. Because they have the money to pay for the really good accountants, guess what they can do.

Eviromental issues, don't even get me started on this. His administration became more lenient towards dirty fuels like coal, and he was more lenient towards car manufacturers.

No money for abortion? So you'd rather that child be born in suffering or without knowing who their real parents were? Is that what you're in favor of? Pain for children?

Whatever happened to your "No child left behind" act? Suprisingly, in the state of Florida alone, there are 10 year olds still stuck in 3 grade because they couldn't pass the standardized tests all because their school doesn't have the funding to teach them.

Nice attack, Mr. Bush. Care to tell us how you can do better?

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