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Presidential Debate Minor Transcript

No Link, just this cut part of a transcript of the debate.

Kerry: How can you keep a pledge to not raise taxes as everything costs more?

Reinstating Pay As You Go rules that Bush took away. And also roll back Bush’s taxes and loopholes.

Rebuttal: Kerry voted to increase taxes 98. Voted against reducing taxes 107. Kerry voted 277 for budget caps that would have cost 4.7 trillion dollars.

Bush: What do you say to someone in this country who has lost his job to someone overseas who is being paid a fraction of his wages?

He has plans for reeducation to gain the skills necessary for the 21st century. Improve education systems.

Rebuttal: Bush has taken a surplus and turned it into a deficit. Wages of Americans have gone down. Bush is just walking by this problem. Cut reeducation money.

Kerry: Is it fair to blame the administration entirely for the loss of jobs?

No. Just that Bush hasn’t done enough to try and improve job system. Try to shut down the tax loopholes. Fight for fair trade playing field.

Rebuttal: Kerry is lying, and Bush has given money back to the people.

30 Seconds: He has supported tax cuts over 600 times. Only reason more people who qualify for funding is because more people don’t have money.

Next: Bush to Kerry- You are a liberal.

Bush: Do you believe that homosexuality is a choice?

I don’t know. But we need to protect marital rights.

Rebuttal: It’s not choice. Just look at Cheney’s daughter who’s a lesbian. We need to respect their rights.

Kerry: Some Catholic priests say that it is a sin to vote for Kerry because he wants women to have a choice in abortion. What is your view on this?

I respect their views, I am a Catholic, but I cannot force his beliefs on those who do not believe him. His faith shouldn’t affect him.

Rebuttal: We should promote a culture of life. Bush is against abortion. Bush will use any other option besides abortion.

Bush: Who bears responsibility for health insurance costs?

They are on the rise because consumers aren’t involved in the healthcare process. Supports health savings accounts. Upgrading health care.

Rebuttal: The President blocks your right for certain benefits. He hasn’t helped you; he’s made it illegal for Medicare to bargain for lower prices. Kerry will increase health care for all Americans.

30 Seconds: Kerry has no record on reforming healthcare.

2nd 30 Seconds: Kerry has passed 36 health care bills. Wrote early childhood healthcare.

Kerry: You have proposed a massive plan to extend healthcare to children, and you have said you could pay for this by rolling back the tax cuts, but it’s not enough, so where is the extra money coming from?

It’s a simple plan. You, the American get to choose. Take over Medicaid from the states, giving the state choice to cover poverty stricken people. Allow people to buy senator/congressman’s healthcare plan.

Rebuttal: Independent groups says the plan will cost 1.7 trillion dollars. Federal healthcare equals poor healthcare.

30 Seconds: Bush hasn’t funded Veterans’ Hospital, Medicare. Kerry’s not proposing government program, should allow new plans.

2nd 30 Seconds: We’ve increased veteran funding.

Bush: Social Security are running out of money. If you put money into privately accounts, it will cost 1 trillion dollars, where will you get the money?

Took off topic first. Then said. “We’ll honor our commitment to our children.” There is a committee.

Rebuttal: Bush’s plan causes cuts benefits for Social Security by 20-40%. No privatization.

Kerry: You said you would not cut benefits, yet Alan Greenspan says that there must be reform or else not everyone will be covered. Will you leave this as a problem for your children?

No. There are ways to pay for the benefits by reeling back the tax cuts.

Rebuttal: The benefits are out there for the middle and lower class.

Bush: At least 8000 people cross our border illegally everyday, how do you see it and what are you going to do about it?

We’re going to increase border patrols and equipment. Many people are coming for money. There must be a temporary worker card for immigrants for a willing worker and employer.

Rebuttal: Talked about economy. Then said that Bush’s plan doesn’t work and the borders are leakier than before 9/11. Crack down on illegal hiring.

30 Seconds: They are actually much better. “That was an outrageous claim.”

2nd 30 Seconds: 30,000 people are crossing the border every day. Our borders aren’t secure enough.

Kerry: More people are in poverty than ever before, is it time to raise it?

Yes. It’s been long overdue. However, Republicans won’t allow a vote on it. Bush has stopped all plans for raising minimum wage and equal pay. “I will fight tooth and nail to increase the minimum wage.”

Rebuttal: Turned it away to education. We need better education system, but talks nothing about minimum wage.

Bush: Chose his own question: Will I choose litmus test for my judges?


Rebuttal: Bush didn’t answer question. Kerry will appoint a judge that won’t undo the Bill of Rights.

30 Seconds: “Only a liberal Senator from Massachusetts will say that a 46% increase is no enough.”

2nd 30 Seconds: 500,000 kids lost after school programs because of your budget.

Kerry: Our forces are being strained by being held longer than their enlistments. Is there any way to relieve these people?

Our military is overextended. Proposed adding 2 active duty divisions, double number of Special Forces. Deploy National Guard and Reserves differently. We need a new diplomacy plan.

Rebuttal: Best way to relieve pressure on troops is to train Iraqis to replace US troops. Attacked Kerry’s foreign policy.

30 Seconds: Never give up power of the US to other nations. Never fail to protect US.

2nd 30 Seconds: Kerry voted against use of force to rid Saddam Hussein.

Bush: Why didn’t you encourage extending the Assault Weapons Ban?

Americans should be allowed to own a gun.


Kerry: Would you use affirmative action? And racism?

Yes. We fixed affirmative action. Bush has never met with NAACP or any other civil rights leadership.

Rebuttal: We’re improving minority’s lives.

Bush: What part does your faith play in your policy decisions.

It plays a big part of his life, and it’s personal and tries to not enforce it on the people. Never answered question.

Rebuttal: I will respect everyone’s religious right.

Kerry: If you were elected president, will you set a priority to try and bring the nation together?

America is the most divided it has been, ever. Reform the politicians that make up America.

Rebuttal: The country’s not divided.

Both: What is the most important thing you’ve learned from marriage with strong women?

Bush: To listen to me. To stand up straight and not scowl.

Kerry: We’ve married up. Some more so than others.


Kerry: We need to be united at this time. I don’t care whether an idea is Democratic or Republican, I just want it to work. I believe that I offer strong, tested leadership of the nation, we can improve education and jobs. “I will never allow any country to have a veto over our authority.” I believe that we can reach higher, our dreams are waiting for us to reach for them. I ask you for your trust and help. And to be safer.

Bush: We have gone through a lot. We’ve reformed our schools, improved our economy already. We will pursue the terrorists. “We’ll also spread freedom, and liberty.” Thanks for listening, asking for your vote.