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Kerry Accuses Bush of Boasting on Iraq

Kerry's yelling at Bush for sending troops into Iraq without the right equipment or funding. He's also saying that Bush it too arrogant.

"Mr. President, your management or mismanagement of this war, your diversion from al-Qaida and from Osama bin Laden ), your shift of the troops to Iraq when there was nothing to do with al-Qaida, nothing to do with 9/11, has made America less safe, not more secure," Kerry said.

Bush's campaign team is retaliating with statements sayign that Kerry's just grasping at straws.

"John Kerry is a politician who is declining in the polls, who is grasping at issues, who voted against money for Iraq and Afghanistan," said Bush-Cheney spokesman Steve Schmidt. "John Kerry has demonstrated his ability to say anything at anytime to anyone if it benefits him politically."

Another bitter exchange of attacks by both sides.