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Bush, Cheney Concede That Saddam Had No WMDS

After reading the particular news story, I hope you continue onwards to read my thoughts. If you didn't read, it basically summarizes a quote by Bush and Cheney saying that they admit that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, the reason that the US went to war with Iraq for.

This is too little, too late, no matter how you look at it, it's always just going to be Bush and Cheney stating the obvious after everyone (including the inspectors and Saddam himself) admitted that Iraq had absolutely no WMD's leading up to the war. There was no reason that the US should have gone to war.

I remember last year, before the war was set to begin. One of our teachers posed an interesting question, "Why can't Bush just show us the evidence he has? They say they have undeniable proof that Iraq has WMD's. Show it to us and we'll allow you to go to war, is it that hard?"

Turns out that teacher was right, Bush didn't have the evidence, so evidently, he went to war on a bluff, and he's finally admitting to it.

Sorry, if I seem partisan, but he should have admitted this a long time ago.

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