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The 29 Days To November Countdown

As part of the effort to get more people to vote (we have the lowest voter turnout in any country holding elections) and also to attempt to generate more traffic to my site and at the same time get in my views about politics, I welcome you to the first ever bianual 29 days to November countdown, meaning of course, the countdown to the voting day in November. This is designed to cram all possible information about the candidates into 29 days (or at least the information I care about) by posting news articles featuring the candidates relating to the issues.

First up? Well, let's start with the vice presidential debate last night. This was the first and only debate of the year where the two vice presidents argue out their plans to make the nation better. Normally, such a contest would be ignored as it has no real significant impact on the election. However, with this year's tight races, I and many others believe that this debate will be a deciding factor in this election.

From the looks of it, both candidates were very solid. At times, I believe they would make better candidates for President than either Bush or Kerry, and both candidates managed to support their cases very well. As I could only catch the last 30 minutes or so, I cannot give a completely bipartisan view, but I will try my best.

Both candidates emphasized the views of their party, shown in their plans to reduce health insurance cost. Cheney said that their administration would cut the amount of money lawers would get as part of the settlement, reducing the overhead costs while protecting businesses, while Edwards pointed that the administration he'll work with will form an independent council for reviewing cases before they are allowed in court, thereby reducing the number of cases and bring health costs down. This extended over to many of the issues, including the economy and the war in Iraq.

Overall, I think a strong showing for both candidates, but due to Edwards' natural looks, he appeared to be the stronger candidate for Vice President last night.

Remember, the most important thing is that you vote, so go to and and register today.