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Republicans Set to Retain House Majority

Despite the close and heated race for the presidency, the race for the senate and house are much less hot.

The Senate is actually attainable by Democrats. They are poised to overtake states tradionally safe to Republicans.

The House will most likely go to the Republicans, as the Democrats have too much of a difference to actually pick up the defecit between them and the Republicans.

Therefore, my election predictions as of right now?

President: John Kerry.
Senate: 51 Dem, 49 Rep.
House: 205 Dem, 230 Rep.

Vote on November 2nd and try to prove me wrong.

Moore to Have Cameras at Polling Places

Micheal Moore is going to put over 1200 professional and nonprofessional cameramen at polling places in the two hotly contested states of Florida and Ohio, focusing on the minority communities. Quote Moore, "I'm putting those who intend to suppress the vote on notice: Voter intimidation and suppression will not be tolerated."

It's obvious he intends to try and keep it so that the polls are fair. However, given his track record, he has a chance of abusing this and turning these states into automatic victories for Kerry. Watch this one.

Remember to vote on November 2nd.

Britons Prefer Kerry to Bush for World Safety

Ironically, the biggest supporters of Bush's war in Iraq are now saying that a vote for Kerry would be better for world security. Surveys have also shown that many of the British are saying they are uncomfortable with the Bush-Blair partnership and think that the world would be safer with Kerry.

Remember to vote on November 2nd.

Kerry Has One-Point Lead on Bush - Reuters Poll

After losing the lead in a poll over the week, John Kerry has bounded back and is now in control of a very very small one point lead ahead of Bush.

This just shows how important it is to vote, since the race is so close that YOUR OPINION AND VOTES WILL MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE.

Again, all who haven't voted, go, and those who registered, vote on November 2nd.

White House Electoral Race Nearly Tied

The race for the presidency is very very very close. The contest is going down into 8 key states, which are unpredictable, so anything can happen.

This is truly our democracy at work. OUR votes are making a difference as to who OUR leaders will be, and voter turnout is a record high.

I urge all people who haven't done so to vote, and those who haven't remember to vote on November 2nd.

Political Yard Sign Wars Rage as Election Nears

Political warfare has moved from the battlefield states onto...the fields.

People supporting either candidates are under attack. If you are caught with a lawnsign supporting one candidate, be sure that radicals of the other will attack your sign. Some have been caught urinating on a sign, and one person actually burned a swastika on the lawn of a Bush supporter. Even 3rd party signs are at risk.

So the lesson? Protect your lawnsigns. Very very hard. Or better yet, plant one more sign for each taken down. Yeah, that'll show them.


Edwards Accuses Bush of Exploiting 9/11

John Edwards joins in on the attack by pressing on about how Bush has exploited 9/11.

Edwards claims that Bush is tricking Americans into thinking that only he[Bush] can defend America from terrorists, which simply isn't the case.

Countered Bush's campaign, Edwards and Kerry will say anything to get elected.

Gay Marriage Issue Motivates Conservatives

11 states have put a initiative on their ballots to ban same sex marriage. This is expected to increase voter turnout of conservatives and liberals alike in their states.

Despite this, Bush is viewing as a benefit, since more conservatives are likely to turn out and pass these initiatives.

But either way, this issue might decide the entire election.

Kerry Accuses Bush of Boasting on Iraq

Kerry's yelling at Bush for sending troops into Iraq without the right equipment or funding. He's also saying that Bush it too arrogant.

"Mr. President, your management or mismanagement of this war, your diversion from al-Qaida and from Osama bin Laden ), your shift of the troops to Iraq when there was nothing to do with al-Qaida, nothing to do with 9/11, has made America less safe, not more secure," Kerry said.

Bush's campaign team is retaliating with statements sayign that Kerry's just grasping at straws.

"John Kerry is a politician who is declining in the polls, who is grasping at issues, who voted against money for Iraq and Afghanistan," said Bush-Cheney spokesman Steve Schmidt. "John Kerry has demonstrated his ability to say anything at anytime to anyone if it benefits him politically."

Another bitter exchange of attacks by both sides.

Bush Accuses Kerry of Scare Tactics

This, unfortunately, looks like Bush just trying to get one last hit in at Kerry before prevoting begins. He attacks Kerry for "scaring seniors" with Social Security to mentioning that Cheney's daughter is a lesbian, including potshots on Kerry's stance on the War On Terror.

Read the article for yourself.

Few Glitches Reported in Early Fla. Voting

The showdown begins early for both candidates as they arrive at the battleground state of Florida, where early voting has begun. Many other states have similar laws or have already begun early voting, among them: Texas, Arkansas, Colorado.

As you know, Florida was THE state that determined last year's elections. Here's hoping they don't screw up again.

Anti-Kerry Vietnam Vets Launch New Ads

Up, here we go again. The Swift Boats Veterans for Truth and POW's for Truth come out of the woodwork to attack John Kerry on his Vietnam record yet again.

This is dishonest. You've done it once already, and your organization isn't allowed under the law to do this. Stop it. Now.

And remember, VOTE on November 2nd. Most deadlines for registration are over, but that doesn't mean you forget to vote.

Presidential Debate Minor Transcript

No Link, just this cut part of a transcript of the debate.

Kerry: How can you keep a pledge to not raise taxes as everything costs more?Reinstating Pay As You Go rules that Bush took away. And also roll back Bush’s taxes and loopholes.Rebuttal: Kerry voted to increase taxes 98. Voted against reducing taxes 107. Kerry voted 277 for budget caps that would have cost 4.7 trillion dollars.Bush: What do you say to someone in this country who has lost his job to someone overseas who is being paid a fraction of his wages?He has plans for reeducation to gain the skills necessary for the 21st century. Improve education systems.Rebuttal: Bush has taken a surplus and turned it into a deficit. Wages of Americans have gone down. Bush is just walking by this problem. Cut reeducation money.Kerry: Is it fair to blame the administration entirely for the loss of jobs?No. Just that Bush hasn’t done enough to try and improve job system. Try to shut down the tax loopholes. Fight for fair trade playing fiel…

Presidential Debate Roundup

No link for today. Instead, I'm going to talk about last night's debate.

That was one hell of an attack by Bush.

Honestly? He can't name one mistake since he came into office? Even without Iraq and the economy, how about the US Spy plane that crashed over China and that "very sorry" excuse given by his administration? Did everyone forget about that? Is that completely forgotten?

He says that Kerry can't get enough money from the rich, so he'll have to tax the poor. Ever wonder why they are rich? Because they've been using legal loopholes to reduce their taxes. Because they have the money to pay for the really good accountants, guess what they can do.

Eviromental issues, don't even get me started on this. His administration became more lenient towards dirty fuels like coal, and he was more lenient towards car manufacturers.

No money for abortion? So you'd rather that child be born in suffering or without knowing who their real parents were? Is …

Presidential Debate Set For Tonight

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight begins the second of 3 debates in which these two candidates square off on their policies for...the economy, foreign and domestic affairs. This time, instead of having prescreened questions written by one person, the candidates will be questioned by preaproved citizens who have yet to decide on who to vote for. This is the "town hall" setting for a debate, and I wish both candidates the best of luck.

And now to throw in my partisan view here. Go Kerry!
Don't forget to register to vote at Rock The

Bush, Cheney Concede That Saddam Had No WMDS

After reading the particular news story, I hope you continue onwards to read my thoughts. If you didn't read, it basically summarizes a quote by Bush and Cheney saying that they admit that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, the reason that the US went to war with Iraq for.

This is too little, too late, no matter how you look at it, it's always just going to be Bush and Cheney stating the obvious after everyone (including the inspectors and Saddam himself) admitted that Iraq had absolutely no WMD's leading up to the war. There was no reason that the US should have gone to war.

I remember last year, before the war was set to begin. One of our teachers posed an interesting question, "Why can't Bush just show us the evidence he has? They say they have undeniable proof that Iraq has WMD's. Show it to us and we'll allow you to go to war, is it that hard?"

Turns out that teacher was right, Bush didn't have the evidence, so evidently, he went to war…

The 29 Days To November Countdown

As part of the effort to get more people to vote (we have the lowest voter turnout in any country holding elections) and also to attempt to generate more traffic to my site and at the same time get in my views about politics, I welcome you to the first ever bianual 29 days to November countdown, meaning of course, the countdown to the voting day in November. This is designed to cram all possible information about the candidates into 29 days (or at least the information I care about) by posting news articles featuring the candidates relating to the issues.

First up? Well, let's start with the vice presidential debate last night. This was the first and only debate of the year where the two vice presidents argue out their plans to make the nation better. Normally, such a contest would be ignored as it has no real significant impact on the election. However, with this year's tight races, I and many others believe that this debate will be a deciding factor in this election.

From th…