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Game Review: Shattered Galaxy

Pity the day that a friend of mine told me about Shattered Galaxy. I've been playing it ever since, nonstop, always just jumping into one more battle, fighting to gain just one more level. No matter how hard I try (even to the point of playing other games that I also love), I just cannot stop playing it.

The concept of Shattered Galaxy is suprisingly simple. So simple, in fact, that you wonder why only 1 or 2 others have tried it before. The game lets you play an MMORTS, a very large online battle similar, in a way, to Starcraft. In fact, the original developers were avid fans of the game and included many units in a similar fashion. The Shade reminds us of the Terran Marine. The Imp(when upgraded properly), is essentially a Terran Firebat. Many of these units, you've seen before, but the developers definitely went wild with the organic units. Many of these creatures resemble nothing that you've ever seen. In fact, on many occasions, I've gone "What the hell is that?" to several new monsters that I've seen in use.

However, problems persist. Lag, especially is a concern in any RTS, and in the time that I've been playing, I've been lagged out over 10 times. The pathfinding is also terrible, as sometimes units will go the wrong way, and sometimes not even stop once they reach their destination. There is also a lack of a hold position command, which is very vital in this particular game.

Nevertheless, I'd wholeheartedly recommend this game to anyone with broadband and time. No other game out there offers this type of experience.

Rating 9/10