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Game Review: Industry Player

Have you ever wanted to take $10,000,000 and invest it into the business world? How about manage up to 5 companies producing everything from water to airplanes?

Even if that's not your sort of game, you should give Industry Player a try. The installer is a few megabytes to install, and requires very little space. Even if you have a low end computer, running this game should be easy. The graphical options of the client are limited to turning the voice of the secretary on or off and deciding whether emails should be sent to you every time you run out of stock. However, this shouldn't be a large problem, as the game is not based in the client, but the concept.

Industry Player allows you to take part in a growing community of other players who buy and sell products to each other and the virtual consumer. This, of course, forces you to make business decisions. Should you skimp on insurance? You can save money this way, but if problems occur (such as earthquakes), then the costs will come out of your pocket. Should you pay your employees more or less? Less might cause more strikes, but more means less profit. What price should you set your product to? All of these decisions make Industry Player a game for the thinking man.

Industry Player isn't perfect. Upsizing your company takes a huge amount of money and leaves you with millions of dollars of debt. However, the game rewards those who take risks and become the next virtual Donald Trump.

Industry Player Basic is free of charge, and the Gold version costs $12.99. (Please note that purchasing the gold version gives you 15 Credit Points to unlock the game version.)

Rating: 7/10