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Game Review: Shattered Galaxy

Pity the day that a friend of mine told me about Shattered Galaxy. I've been playing it ever since, nonstop, always just jumping into one more battle, fighting to gain just one more level. No matter how hard I try (even to the point of playing other games that I also love), I just cannot stop playing it.

The concept of Shattered Galaxy is suprisingly simple. So simple, in fact, that you wonder why only 1 or 2 others have tried it before. The game lets you play an MMORTS, a very large online battle similar, in a way, to Starcraft. In fact, the original developers were avid fans of the game and included many units in a similar fashion. The Shade reminds us of the Terran Marine. The Imp(when upgraded properly), is essentially a Terran Firebat. Many of these units, you've seen before, but the developers definitely went wild with the organic units. Many of these creatures resemble nothing that you've ever seen. In fact, on many occasions, I've gone "Wha…

Game Review: Industry Player

Have you ever wanted to take $10,000,000 and invest it into the business world? How about manage up to 5 companies producing everything from water to airplanes?

Even if that's not your sort of game, you should give Industry Player a try. The installer is a few megabytes to install, and requires very little space. Even if you have a low end computer, running this game should be easy. The graphical options of the client are limited to turning the voice of the secretary on or off and deciding whether emails should be sent to you every time you run out of stock. However, this shouldn't be a large problem, as the game is not based in the client, but the concept.

Industry Player allows you to take part in a growing community of other players who buy and sell products to each other and the virtual consumer. This, of course, forces you to make business decisions. Should you skimp on insurance? You can save money this way, but if problems occur (such as earthq…

Education To The Second Degree

It takes a lot to realize what's wrong with today's educational system. When physical education gets more funding than the other subjects in schools, when textbooks have been in used for 10+ years for history, when a lack of supplies forces teachers to pay for the supplies to teach their students, education has failed. Add on the fact that many do not try in and even drop out of school, and it's no wonder that America is ranked 39 out of 40 developed countries in education.