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The Cost Of Free Speech

Today you live in a society where you can say anything you want. You can criticize anyone and everyone. You can mock or insult those in power and they are not allowed to do anything about it. Or so you think. You'd think that's what the United States' constitution garuntees, but it does not. It only garuntees that the Government cannot stop you. Big Business can.

Why is it that all of America's TV stations are owned by less than 10 people? Why is it that NBC, ABC, CBS, Warner Bros. and FOX own a majority of the other channels out there? There is no free speech. If you say something that angers the people at the head of these studios, it never gets broadcasted. Period.

Freedom of speech is threatened, and no one is able to fight back.

The New Racism

Racism is no longer and old issue. It has been around since the dawn of exploration. Ever since the white man has discovered other races, it has either respected them because they were stronger, or decided to conquer them because they thought the race be inferior. Wars have even been justified with racism, under the term "Social Darwinism".

But today's racism is not against africans, asians, or hispanics. It is not against women or homosexuals.

Today's racism is against children.

If any example can be served, I can think of two that can be noted.

1. Despite not having the right to vote, all 16-17 year olds must pay taxes to fund the government of the United States.

2. Claims by children will be instantly ignored, while a similar claim by an adult will be taken seriously. Children could send petitions to Congressmen all day and serious change may not take place unless they are fighting for "popular" issues.

Children have no voice, and yet they must take on…

Exactly Why I'm Here

This is my one and only mission statement:
My goal here at TOTT is to stimulate you to think about your world. About what you can do in it. About what is happening to it.

I may not stick to that goal all the time, but it's what I hope to accomplish. If even one person is changed (hopefully in a good way), then my job is done.

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." Evelyn Beatrice Hall